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MISG 106  Business Law

Students will be trained in how and in what ways they will seek their rights in cases of victimization that workers will face by learning what their legal rights and responsibilities are when they start their working life

IUE 100  Academic and Social Orientation

Presentation of Administrative Units, Academic Units and Student Clubs

MISG 101  Occupational Health And Safety

Risk groups of employees. Occupational health, importance of occupational health outlook, occupational health basics, occupational disease, the definition of work-related diseases-causes and prevention, occupational diseases related to chemical, physical and biological risks of accidents at work, occupational health criteria and application areas, Health the right to security, safety culture concept

RTV 140  Basic Knowledge of Communication

Definition, purpose and importance of communication, elements of communication process, forms of communication.

MISG 105  Machinery and Equipment

This course consists of Materiel cognisance, fasteners and power transmitting elements, production methods, fuels and combustion, and energy conversion systems.

BILT 100  Introduction to Computer and Information Technology

This course includespplication and content of the Microsoft Office programs.

ING 101  English I

This is a compulsory English course which provides basic language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking at the beginning level.

TRK 101  Turkish I

Students will be taught how to use the written communication tools accurately and efficiently in this course. Various types of written statements will be examined through a critical point of view by doing exercises on understanding, telling, reading, and writing. Punctuation and spelling rules, which are basis of written statement, will be taught and accurate usage of these rules for efficient and strong expression will be provided.

TRH 101  Princ. of Atatürk and Hist. of Revol. I

This course provides a general information of the events from the end of the 19. century until the end of the Turkish War of Independence and the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.

MISG 102  Ergonomy

Ergonomics and its basic concepts. Anthropometry and anthropometric measurements. Design of office and work stations. Role of physical factors in ergonomics. Hand devices, position and weight lifting and dial ergonomics. Thermal comfort. Illnesses of musculoskeletal system related with work

TRH 102  Princ. of Atatürk and Hist. of Revol. II

With special reference to the Principals of Atatürk the course will examine the philosophy of the foundation and existence of the republican regime as well as the democratic developments in secular Turkey during the twentieth century and in the era of extending globalization.

TRK 102  Turkish II

Students will be taught how to use the written communication tools accurately and efficiently in this course. There will be exercises on understanding, telling, reading, and writing; types of speeches (panel, symposium, conference, etc.) will be introduced; the student will be equipped with information on using body language, accent and intonation, and presentation techniques.

ING 102  English II

This is a compulsory English course which provides basic language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking at the beginning level.

MISG 104  Machinery and Equipment Protectors

Definitions and concepts regarding machines and components. Energy. Mechanical stimulation systems. Transmission systems

MISG 110  Chemicals and Hazards

This course introduces the importance of general information about the identification and classification, storage, transport and labeling of chemicals and business health.

MYST 104  Summer Training (4 weeks)

Internship, covers field experience at any work place. Students should follow the instructions stated in IUE Internship Guide in order to successfully complete their internships.

MISG 114  Social Security Law

When they start their working life, students will be able to train them in how and in what ways they will seek their rights in cases of victimization that workers will face by learning what their legal rights and responsibilities derive from social security legislation

MISG 112  Personal Protectors and Equipments

Associate Degree students will learn about the types and use of personal protective equipment used in the workplace by learning the work to be done in the workplace within the scope of work-health relationship and preventive health and safety services and basic health services. They will also learn the legal regulations with PPE. They will be able to do employee training

MISG 201  Risk Analysis Methods in Workshops

1. Hazard and risk conceptions 2. The source of hazards and risks 3. The main resasons of risk management processes 4. OHS risk management regulations 5. Risk analysis techniques and their comparisions 6. Risk analysis applications

MISG 203  First Aid

Student win to skills and knowledge first aid information in accordance with the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health.

MISG 217  Fire

The basic concepts of chemistry and fire burning. Classification and principles of fire-fighting. Fire during fire. Fire-fighting devices and systems.modern fire detection and alarm systems in confined areas.Fire fighting and rescue team.related legislation

MISG 215  Work Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene course in physical working environment, chemical, ergonomic, psychosocial, biological, chemical risk identification and sampling strategies from the environment, risk strategies and follow-up in the workplace,research into the causes of occupational diseases,appropriate measurement techniques for the estimation of health risks,develop control methods for certain activities in the workplace,Business environment in and surrounding the potential development of techniques for prediction and control of hazardous conditions includes issues

MYST 204  Summer Training (4 weeks)

Internship, covers field experience at any work place. Students should follow the instructions stated in IUE Internship Guide in order to successfully complete their internships.

MISG 206  Occupational Accident and Occupational Diseases

They learn the definition of occupational accidents, occupational diseases and occupational diseases. Occupational accident classification, occupational diseases classification, Occupational diseases caused by physical, chemical, occupational diseases caused by dust, occupational diseases caused by biological, occupational cancers, occupational diseases, occupational diseases and occupational diseases. And occupational skin diseases.

MISG 208  Occupational Safety for Lifting Vehicles

Basic definitions and concepts about lifting and working machines, Mechanical drive systems, transfer systems constitute the content of this course

MISG 214  Operating Environment and Risk Factors

1. Physical risk factors (Noise, Illumination, Ionizing and nonionazing rays, Pressure, Vibration Thermal comfort) and related regulations 2. Chemical risk factors (Chemicals, MSDS, Packing, Labeling and giving a name to chemicals, classification of hazardous chemicals and taking precautions, the risks of chemicals to health and to safety, the storage and transportation of chemicals) 3. Biological risk factors (Infection factors and its chain, the most frequently seen biological risk factors and jobs affected from these factors) 4. Psychosocial risk factors (Psychosocial risk factors in workshops that negatively affect the health, their classification, stress and its effects, the management of stress)

Elective Courses

MEKO 101  Microeconomics

The student will be able to express the basic concepts of economics, apply economic analysis methods and analyze the features of economic systems.

MEKO 102  Macroeconomics

This course includes the explanation of macroeconomic terms, and the analysis of general economic conjuncture in unemployment and national income headings.

MISG 200  Occupational Health and Safety in Electric Works

Electrical energy. Electrical shock and its effects on human body. Classical accident types. High and low current facilities. Safe device and equipment. PPE for electrical works. Faulty behaviors based on lack of education. Precautions on systems. Precautions for static electric.

MISG 207  Storage, Packing, Hand Lifting

MISG 209  Health and Safe Signals

MISG 210  Emergency Risk Analysis

MISG 211  Total Quality and Management Systems

• Concept of Quality • Evolution of Quality • Management and leadership in TQM • Process Analysis and Management • Quality Operation, Sample Practices • Obstacles in TQM

MISG 213  Occopational Health and Safety in Construction Work

Building, Construction Jobs list of the works unique challenges in Turkey Construction Industry Forecast, Statistics, Building Area, Project, Client, Sub Client, Project Officer, used machinery, tools, equipment, materials and working methods, preparation Coordinator, Implementation Coordinator, Health and Safety Plan, Occupational Health and Safety List of studies involving risks, Construction Works Notice on the minimum health and Safety Requirements for Construction Area

MISG 220  Damage and Emergency Risk Analysis

Underground, surface and other mining and methods. The hazards and risks in these mines. The machines used in mining and their properties and its possible hazards. Supporting, ventilation, haulage, transportation and lighting of mines and their legislations about occupational health and safety. The hazards and risks of caving, rock falling and inrushing of water in mine. The precausions for explosion of methane and dust and for mine fires. The drilling and blasting techniques and legislations in mines. Risk analysis in Mining. Professional diseases in Mining. Occupational safety in Drilling Area and Mineral Processing Plants.

MISG 230  Labeling and Marking

Work Environment and Supervision. Risk Factors. Periodical Checks From a Technical Aspect. Periodical Checks From a Health Aspect. Documents Required for Workplace Supervision

MISG 240  Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MISG 260  OHS in Mine

MISG 270  Research Methods and Statistics

MISG 280  Periodic Controls and Audit

Work Environment and Surveillance, Risk Factors, Periodical Controls from Technical Direction, Periodical Controls According to Health, Documents Required for Workplace Inspection

MISG 290  Occupational and Technical Applications

MISG 291  OHS Education for Adults

Adult learning features and techniques, adult learning methods and techniques, features and group dynamics for effective communication in the workplace. Developing the OHS training program at work, the regulation on the procedures and principles of OHS trainings to be given to the employees at the workplace

MISG 292  Emergency State Plans and Risk Analysis

MPAZ 110  Presentation Techniques

Concepts of presentation and talk, verbal and nonverbal components of communication, the process of preparing an effective presentation/talk, the problems and solutions that may arise during the presentations and talks will be discussed.

MTOI 204  Human Resources Management

Human resources planning, business analysis, recruitment, training and development, career management, performance management, wage management, health and safety management

MTOI 220  Coaching, Leadership and Career Management

Transformation Model, Coaching and Leadership Competencies, Leadership Styles, Self Assessment Tools, Values and Leadership, Effective Expression and Story Telling Techniques, Identification and Implementation of Coaching Tools.

MTOI 227  Crisis Management

This course consists of basic knowledge and practical info about the importance of crisis, crisis management and communication during crisis for business enterprises.

MTOI 230  Consumer Behavior

The role of consumer behavior in marketing; consumer psychology, neuroscience, anthropology and sociology; consumer buying behavior and digital consumption and markets will be the main topics of the course.

MUH 205  Cost Accounting

Student will be able to identify and calculate all cost elements including raw materials and supplies, labor costs and manufacturing overhead costs.

RTV 240  Corporate Communication

Basic concepts of corporate communication, corporate communication activities performed for different purposes and for different stakeholders and basic principles to be considered in these activities are discussed.

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